Experts to Run an Efficient Distribution Center

The cannabis industry moves forward because of distribution. To remain compliant and effective, distributors must keep meticulous records and manage their inventory in great detail. You can gain complete insight into your distribution business by integrating data from all of your systems and locations.


Sweeet Greenz Brand’s cannabis distribution team provides assistance, statistics, and insights to help you manage every facet of your cannabis distribution. For hundreds of different brands, our team has extensive experience in designing and constructing distribution facilities that can handle the delivery to retail locations of thousands of SKUs per day. Keep track of orders and payments, as well as the cost of goods, design, and lease negotiations, among other things.

  • Brand distribution/ partnership
  • Compliance
  • Design
  • Location and Real estate opportunity
  • Lease negotiations
  • Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Logistics
  • Application process

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