Make manufacturing easy and risk-free

With our team’s help, you’ll be able to keep track of your inventory and analyze your processes. Your operation will run smoothly and efficiently with our assistance, all while reducing the burden on your staff.


Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in such a complicated business endeavor must begin with detailed plans and procedures that outline a clear path forward and the right direction.


In addition to building compliance facilities and equipment for generating solvent and solventless extracts, our creative team effectively creates edibles and infused pre-rolls that are consistent with all applicable regulations.


We manage several high-quality manufacturing labs across the country: Despite our focus on day-to-day operations, our skilled team can assist you with a wide range of other services, including:


  • General Contractor
  • Compliance
  • Distribution
  • Solvent and solventless facilities
  • Biomass
  • Equipment
  • Staffing
  • CPA

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We Offer Comprehensive Brand Licensing, Cannabis Consulting, Management, and Product Solutions for the regulated cannabis